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How to Create Blocks in NimBus
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This guide describes how to work with blocks in NimBus beginning from the creation of the routes.

Let us take as an example the following situation: a bus should leave the bus depot at 09.50, execute the route 12 times in both directions and return to the depot by 18.00.

  1. On the basis of the prepared stops, create four routes:
    • from the depot to the first stop of the main route (you can indicate from the depot  in the description);
    • from the first to the last stop of the route (forth);
    • from the last to the first stop (back);
    • from the first stop to the depot (to the depot). 

    All the routes should be of the same name and type. In our case, the type is Bus.

  2. Make sure that the switch of automatic creation of rides is activated for all the routes.

  3. Add schedules on the Schedules tab of the route properties. Repeat this step with each route. The same operation pattern (or none) should be applied to all the schedules.

  4. On the Blocks page, where the four created routes have already been combined into a collection of routes, click on the icon .

  5. Select the schedules that should be included in the block. Click Save.

  6. On the Rides page, select Blocks in the drop-down list. Click on the necessary block and assign the unit that should execute rides. Click  Save.

The block is ready. Now you can track it on the Online page and, if necessary, execute reports on a collection of routes.

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