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How to use Concox GT06E in Wialon

This guide describes how to use the Concox GT06E device in Wialon.

Quick setup in Wialon

Use the following SMS commands to point the device to your Wialon account:

  1. APN,[apnname]#



    Specify the APN name instead of [apnname], username and password instead of [user],[pwd], if any.

  2. SERVER,0,[wialon_IP],21143,0#

    Specify your Wialon IP address instead of [wialon_IP].

  3. GMT,E,0,0#
  4. RESET#

Additional device settings

The additional device settings are available in the unit properties upon clicking on the icon  next to the Device type field. 

The available settings are as follows:


Fix device time

Enable if your device sends China TZ GMT:+8 which can't be changed to GMT:+0 with a standard command.

Ignore alarm values 2 and 3

Enable in order not to register messages with alarm=2 or alarm=3 as alarm messages.
GPS rollover fixEnable in case the device sends an incorrect time stamp due to a GPS rollover.
DriveraId by transpEnable to get data from DriverAid via a transparent channel.
X3 by transpEnable to get data from the X3 temperature sensor/RFID scanner via a transparent channel.
Omnicomm LLC fuel level sensor by transpEnable to get data from the Omnicomm LLC fuel level sensor via a transparent channel.
Jimi & Concox temperature sensorEnable to get data from the Jimi & Concox temperature sensor via a transparent channel.
Do not register Information transmission packetEnable in order not to register the Information transmission packet (0x94).
Do not show command answers in chatEnable to hide the command responses in the Chat with Drivers window.
Do not register Heartbeat packetEnable to hide the Heartbeat packet messages (0x13).
If you have further questions regarding the device configuration in Wialon, send the request to support@gurtam.com and specify the following details:

  • device type and ID,
  • issue description,
  • configuration file (if applicable).
For ultimate technical support with hardware setup, we recommend contacting the device manufacturer.
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