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How to Configure Sending Unit Location Data from Wialon to SENT
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This guide describes how to configure sending data on the location of units from Wialon to the SENT system which is designed to monitor road freight transportation in Poland. The configuration requires actions from the operator (the Wialon service owner) and the carrier (the end user).

Operator actions

As the operator, perform the following actions:

1. Create an account on the PUESC platform.

2. Create an advanced account which is required to register as an operator.

3. Contact your Gurtam manager and complete the registration process following the manager’s instructions.

4. Get the number of the ZSL service, the password assigned to the operator, and the password assigned to the carrier.

5. Send the password assigned to the operator to your Gurtam manager.

6. Create a unit group with the required units in the carrier’s Wialon account. To do this, open the Unit groups tab in the management system, click Create unit group, enter the name of the group, indicate the carrier as its creator, and add the required units to the group.

7. On the Custom fields tab of the unit group properties, create a custom field named sent_retranslator with an empty value and click OK

Carrier actions

As a carrier, perform the following actions:

1. Create an account on the PUESC platform.

2. Contact the operator and obtain the number of the ZSL service and the password assigned to the carrier which are required to fill in the SENT 470 form.

3. Send the SENT application. To do this, fill in the SENT 470 form indicating all the required data. To add a unit the messages of which should be sent to the SENT system, specify its unique ID in the Technical identifier of the GPS device field and click Add new GPS device. You can add several units in this way. To send the application, click Save.

4. Check the SENT application status on PUESC indicating the data received after sending it.

5. In the monitoring system, create a notification of the Connection loss type for the required units in order to control situations in which the devices don’t send location data. Select the No coordinates control type and set the time interval after which the notification should be triggered if the coordinates are not sent (for example, 30 minutes).

After the application is processed, data on the unit location is sent from Wialon to the SENT system.

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