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Here you can configure email parameters for sending various system messages (notifications, reports, and so on).


In this field, you can enter the email address from which system messages should be sent. Filling in this field is obligatory for sending messages by email.

It is advisable to use your own mail service or wialon.com. In the case of wialon.com, you can only use the email noreply@wialon.com.

You cannot use public mail services such as gmail, googlemail, yandex, mail.ru, yahoo, outlook, etc. This limitation is not applied if you use your own SMTP server.

To prevent unsolicited messages, you should add an SPF record to the DNS zone of your domain. In the record, you should indicate a list of servers from which messages can be sent on behalf of your domain. If a message is sent from a server which is not indicated in the SPF record, the message is blocked by the mail system.

If there is no SPF record, add a new record in the DNS zone settings and enter the following line:

v=spf1 include:_spf.wialon.com ~all

If there is an SPF record on the client side, add the following line to it:


SMTP server

System messages can be sent using your SMTP server. To adjust this setting, enter the email address and activate the SMTP server option. Next, specify the server, port, login, and password. Make sure that the protocol SMTP or SMTPS is specified in the server address (for example, smtp://server.com). Usually, ports 25 and 587 are used for SMTP, and 465 — for SMTPS.

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