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Different types of events can be registered in the unit history automatically or manually.

Automatic registration is adjusted with the help of notifications. The delivery method must be Register event for unit, Register as violation or Register unit status. In such a manner, you can control geofence visits, connection loss, idling, service intervals, etc.

Manually an event can be registered in the special registrar in the monitoring panel. With this method, you can register fuel fillings, maintenance, unit statuses, and any custom event.

Traffic counter reset and routes statuses can be saved as events.

The table includes the following columns.


The time when the event was detected (automatic registration) or registered (manual registration).

TypeEvent (traffic counter reset, events from notifications, some custom events, route control statuses), violation (violations from notifications, some custom events), maintenance (registered manually).
Event text

Event text which is taken from the text of notification or from the description entered while registering manually.

You can filter messages by parameters.

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