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This kind of report shows speed limitation violations. The speed limit depends on the method for determining the speeding selected in the properties of the unit on the Advanced tab.

If the Road limitations method is selected on the Advanced tab, speeding in the report is determined in accordance with the limitations from maps that were in force at the moment of speeding.

The information which can be presented in this kind of report is described below.

BeginningThe date and time when the speed limit was exceeded.
LocationThe location of the device at the moment of speeding.
DurationThe time interval during which the unit was moving with an excessive speed. If the speeding was determined by one message, in the line 00:00 is written. In order for the speeding to be determined also by one message, it is necessary to indicate 0 as the minimum speeding time in the advanced properties of the unit.
Total timeThe time from the beginning of the first speeding to the end of the last speeding.
Max speedThe maximum speed within the period of speeding.
Speed limitThe maximum allowed speed on a particular road section or in the unit properties.
MileageThe distance travelled with the exceeded speed.
Mileage (adjusted)The mileage subject to the coefficient set in unit properties (the Advanced tab).
Initial mileageThe mileage sensor value at the moment of the beginning of speeding. If no saving of mileage parameter was made through the reported period, the mileage is counted from 0.
Final mileageThe mileage sensor value at the end of the speeding interval.
Avg speedThe average speed within the interval.
DriverThe name of the driver (if identified).
TrailerThe name of the trailer (if it was assigned).
CountThe number of speed violations.
NotesAn empty column for your custom comments.

Files saved during the speeding interval. To watch them, click on the icon (the number of grouped files is indicated to the right of it, if several). If several grouped files are available, you can select the required one in the drop-down list in the upper-left corner.

The column is available if the Video monitoring service is activated in the account properties.

ImageThe images received from the unit. Viewing images in reports and the functions available while doing this are described here.

Interval filtration (by speeding duration, mileage, driver, geofences/units) can be applied to this table.

You can use special markers for this report:

Other means to control speed are described in the notifications.

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