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Upcoming Maintenance
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The upcoming maintenance table contains the list of service works set for a unit and the status of their execution. The table can include the columns described below.

Service intervalThe name of the scheduled maintenance work indicated on the Service intervals tab of the unit properties dialog in the Service name field. The work should be repeated throughout a particular interval indicated on the Service intervals tab.
StateThe overall state of the execution of the service work. In other words, it is the remaining or expired interval of mileage, engine hours, and days.
State by mileageThe remaining or expired mileage interval.
State by engine hoursThe interval of the remaining or expired engine hours.
State by daysThe interval of the remaining or expired days.
DescriptionThe information taken from the corresponding field on the Service intervals tab.
FrequencyThe interval (mileage, engine hours, or days) that shows how often vehicle maintenance should be performed.
NotesAn empty column for your custom comments.

There is no need to indicate the time interval for the Upcoming maintenance report generation because this table provides you with information on all the indicated service works regardless of the time period.

Moreover, the individual parameters of grouping (without any connection to the time intervals) are used in the Upcoming maintenance table. The data can be grouped on the basis of the state (planned/expired maintenance), service interval, or unit (for reports on unit groups).

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