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Deleting Accounts/Resources
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To delete an account or resource, you should possess the appropriate level of access to it. In most cases, the removal occurs when a service agreement is broken and a client stops using the system.

To delete an account, click the delete button in the corresponding column and confirm your action. When you delete an account, all its contents (geofences, drivers, trailers, passengers, jobs, notifications, report templates) are deleted, too. Besides, all users, units, unit groups, resources, routes, retranslators that belong to this account and created by this account's creator (or other user established as the account's creator) are deleted as well.

To delete a resource, check the corresponding box in the Select column, and click delete button in the bottom of the table. Note that all the contents of a resource will be deleted along with it (geofences, drivers, trailers, passengers, jobs, notifications, report templates).

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