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Three types of counters are used in Wialon: counters of GPRS traffic, mileage, and engine hours. They can be set up in the properties of the unit on the General tab.

Jobs on counters allow you to automate the saving of the counter values and also adjust the accounting of mileage, engine hours, and GPRS traffic.

Mileage counters

With the help of this job, you can save the current value of the mileage counter, reset it to zero or any other value, and save it as a parameter in the message.

To set a new value or reset the counter, select the Set new value for mileage counter option and enter the desired value below. The counter will obtain this value each time the job is executed. Depending on the resource settings, different measurement systems can be used.

Mark the Store counter value as parameter of unit data message check box to save the counter value as a parameter in the data message (a sensor with this parameter should be created for the unit). It allows displaying the initial and final mileage in the report on trips. The parameter name should be indicated by the letters of the Latin alphabet, and words should be separated by underscores instead of spaces. It is recommended to store the counter values while the unit is parked, for example, once a day at night.

The Store counter value in unit event history can be used to store the current mileage counter value. It is especially recommended if the counter is subject to reset to zero according to the job.

Engine hours counters

This type of job is similar to the previous one, but it is applied to the engine hours sensors.

Check the Store counter value as parameter of unit data message box to save the current value of the engine hours counter as a parameter in the message, which allows to subsequently create an engine hours sensor on its basis. When entering the parameter name, it is advisable to use underscores instead of spaces. For more accurate calculations it is recommended to store the counter values during the parking of the vehicle, for example, once a day at night.

The Store counter value in unit history checkbox is responsible for storing the value, and in its field, a new value (in hours) that will be applied to the counter after the job is completed is entered.

This type of job can be performed successfully only if at the moment of its execution the user who is the creator of the resource to which the job belongs has the Edit counters right to a unit.

If you save the values of traffic, mileage, engine hours or counters in the unit history, they are recorded in the system as registered events, which allows you to display them in the Events or Chronology reports later. Saving the value of the counter as a parameter in the message occurs in the unit database in such messages as Data Message, while the hourly rate is displayed in seconds, and the mileage value, depending on the unit settings, is in meters or feet.

GPRS traffic counters

This job is used to:

  • regularly reset the traffic counter automatically;
  • store the GPRS traffic counter value in the unit history, which allows you to receive reports on consumed traffic.

Indicate the status of the Store counter value in unit history option. If the option is activated, each traffic reset is registered in the system, and then you can generate a report on events or a report on traffic to see traffic consumption. If the option is not activated, resets are not registered as an event.

The Reset GPRS traffic counter option is used to reset the counter to 0 when the job is performed.

Each of the two options can be used both individually and together with each other. When we check both boxes, we get a job that will reset the counter on the specified schedule, and the reset value will be stored in history.

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