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The whole process of working with fuel sensors can be broken down into successive stages (in the subsections of stages you can find important options, terms, situations, etc.).

  1. Data preparation
    Option: Ignore the messages after the start of motion
    Term difference: 'Mileage-based calculation' VS 'Time-based calculation'
  2. Filtration
    Option: Filter sensor values
    Option: Filtration level
  3. Fillings detection
    Option: Minimum fuel filling volume
    Option: Detect fuel fillings only during stops
    Option: Calculate fuel filling volume by raw data
    Special case: How a filling is processed?
  4. Thefts detection
    Option: Minimum fuel theft volume
    Option: Detect fuel thefts in motion
    Option: Idling
    Option: Calculate theft volume by raw data
    Special case: How a fuel theft is detected?
  5. Consumption calculation
    Option: Replace invalid values with those calculated mathematically
    Option: Exclude thefts from fuel consumption
    Special case: How a filling and a theft are detected if they are split by an interval

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