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WiaTag is an application that allows you to turn your mobile device into a GPS tracker.

You can install WiaTag on mobile devices with iOS operating system version 10.0 or later (phones, tablets, netbooks, etc.) equipped with a GPS receiver.

The application is compatible with GPS and GLONASS satellite monitoring systems Wialon and Wialon Local. The data about the location is sent from a mobile device to the monitoring server. In addition to the positional data (coordinates, course, speed, etc.), images, alarm messages, custom states, service and text messages can be sent to the server.

The data received from the mobile device can be later processed by the monitoring system and presented to the user in the form of tracks of unit movement on the map, reports, etc.

System permissions

For the correct performance of the application on the device, the following permissions are requested:

  • Notification and background app refresh. To work with the chat, use remote control and accept service notifications from the application.
  • Camera access. To take a photo or scan a QR code.
  • Photo gallery access. To select photos.
  • Location services access. To use the application as a GPS tracker. If access to location is denied or restricted (the While using the app item is selected in the settings of the mobile device), the data collection is not carried out or is carried out only while the application is running).
  • Accelerometer access. To determine the movement which is used in the smart mode.
  • Background app refresh. To correctly send push-notifications in the background.

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