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In the application settings, you can select units of measurement, map, algorithm for planning routes, notifications, create warehouses, custom fields for orders, and so on.

To go to the Settings page, open the user menu by clicking on the username in the navigation bar, and select Settings.

In order for the user to be able to edit the settings, the Can change settings option should be activated in the user properties in Wialon Local.

The Settings page consists of five tabs.

GeneralThe selection of the resource, map, units of measurement, default order parameters.
WarehousesThe creation and deletion of warehouses, attaching geofences and units to the warehouses.
PlanningThe configuration of the algorithm for planning routes.
NotificationsThe configuration of notifications for clients, drivers, and operators. 
Custom fieldsThe creation and deletion of custom fields which should be displayed by default in all the orders you create.
Delivery requirementsThe creation and deletion of delivery requirements which allow filtering orders and units during route planning.
If incorrect data is specified or the required fields are not filled in on a tab, the tab is marked by the indicator  when you go to other setting tabs.

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