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Wialon Hosting is a platform for GPS monitoring and IoT which is stored and administered in our data centers. It consists of the monitoring system and the management system (CMS Manager).

The monitoring system is intended for end users (without dealer rights) and allows them to track vehicles, equipment, people, pets, and other units.

Monitoring system functions:

  • creating units, geofences, routes, drivers, trailers, and other system objects;
  • tracking the location and movement of the units on the map;
  • watching live streams from the unit cameras;
  • monitoring changes in speed, fuel level, temperature, and other parameters;
  • controlling units using commands and jobs;
  • controlling drivers and trailers (assigning them to units, registering shifts, calling and sending SMS messages to the drivers);
  • monitoring the rides of the created routes;
  • generating reports (tables, charts, tracks on the map) based on the information received from the units, and more.

The management system is intended for the top user and users with dealer rights and allows them to organize the service structure, manage accounts, resources, users, units, and other system objects.

Management system functions:

  • creating and managing accounts (giving them access to the system objects, controlling payments, assigning billing plans, limiting the services and determining their cost);
  • managing users (giving them access to the system objects and other rights, creating objects on their behalf);
  • configuring units and unit groups and managing access to them;
  • retransmitting the data received from the units to other servers and systems;
  • restoring the deleted objects from trash, and more.

See Monitoring system and Management system for more information about these functions.

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