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The monitoring system is used by end users to track their units (vehicle fleet, machinery, employees, pets, etc.).

Unit tracking allows:

  • detecting the location of units and watching their movement on the map;
  • observing changes of various unit parameters (speed, fuel level, temperature, voltage, etc.) in real time and with the help of notifications;
  • managing units (sending commands and messages, assigning jobs and routes, adjusting notifications, etc.), trailers, and drivers (phone calls, SMS, registering work shifts, assigning to a unit, etc.);
  • tracking the unit moving along a route with check points which should be visited on schedule;
  • interpreting information derived from a unit in various kinds of reports (tables, charts, movement tracks, event markers, complete statistics, etc.), and much more.

Tracking results can be either presented on a computer screen or exported to files in different formats.

Questions and answers

  How does the monitoring system work?

The AVL hardware installed in a vehicle figures out the location of that vehicle with help of satellites, gathers data from various accessories and sensors and transmits the data through a cellular or satellite network to Wialon data center. This data can be interpreted to monitor in the Wialon web interface the whereabouts and other parameters of a vehicle in real time.

Video: Wialon lifehacks. 10 platform features you didn't know about

You can find monitoring system life hacks in the following video dated 08.06.2020:

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