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Email Settings
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Here you can configure email parameters for sending various system messages (notifications, reports, and so on).


You can enter the email address from which system messages should be sent. Note that filling in this field is obligatory for sending messages by email.

Most mail systems perform special checks for spam messages. They compare the original IP address from which the message is sent with the MX records of the sender's domain. If the MX record is not found, the mail system may suspend sending messages, or add the sender's address to the grey list. To avoid this situation, when you register your tracking site, make sure that the server address mx.gurtam.com is included in the MX records of your domain.

SMTP server

System messages can be sent using your SMTP server. To adjust this setting, enter the email address and activate the SMTP server option. Next, specify the server, port, login, and password. Make sure that the protocol (smtp or smtps) is specified in the server address.

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