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Transferring User Settings
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Individual settings can be transferred from one user to others or stored in a file.

You can import data from the User settings dialog, Settings, Maps tabs, and Monitoring panel. To do so, you should have the Edit not mentioned properties access to a user you import the data to. Most of the user properties can be imported, too (the General, Advanced, Custom Fields tabs). To import them, you should have the Change flags for given user, Edit not mentioned properties, and Manage custom/admin fields access rights, accordingly. Such unique settings as email, password, account information, access rights, etc. cannot be transferred.

Here is the list of settings that can be chosen for import/export.

Time zone. Time zone and DST.

Date and time settings. Date and time format, first day of week, and the Persian calendar.

Additional information about the unit. Settings from the Show additional information about the unit section (they affect the content of the unit tooltip and unit extended view in the work list).

Monitoring panel configuration. Columns selected in the Monitoring panel, settings of Secondary information and other monitoring options.

Unit visualization. Settings from the Unit visualization on map section.

Other items on map. Settings from the Other items on map section.

City. The City field on the Settings tab (important in such tools as Address and Nearest Units).

Address format. Settings for formatting the address from the Map tab.

User interface parameters. Log status (open/hidden), shortcuts (on/off), settings for online notifications and messages.

Format of coordinates. Degrees or degrees and minutes.

Map source. The map source selected by the user.

Geodata source. The geodata source selected by the user.

General flags. Checkboxes from the General tab of the User properties dialog (including host mask).

Custom fields. Custom and administrative fields from the User Properties dialog.

Templates of access rights. Templates of access rights created by this user.

Custom message parameters. Send custom message command settings.

You can also make a full copy of a user. It includes not only the parameters mentioned above but also some hidden parameters (such as operational settings for Apps).

When you import settings to the user, they are applied after the user refreshes the page or performs a login procedure.

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