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Connection Problems
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This kind of report lists the time periods when the system did not receive data from the unit. The parameters for this report are adjusted on the Advanced tab where you set Maximum interval between messages.

Below is the information which can be presented in this kind of report.

BeginningThe date and time when connection loss happened.
EndThe date and time when the connection was recovered.
DurationThe time interval of connection loss.
LocationThe address where the unit was right before the loss of connection.
CountThe number of connection gaps detected in a certain time interval (it is advisable when grouping rows by days/weeks/months or for reports about groups of units).
DriverThe name of the driver (if available).
TrailerThe name of the trailer (if it was bound).
NotesAn empty column for your custom comments.

If the time passed between receiving the last message for the reporting interval and the end of a report interval exceeds a value of a maximum interval between messages, then a connection loss interval is added to the report. The beginning of this interval corresponds to the time of receiving the last message, and the end corresponds to the end of a reporting interval.

Additional filtration by driver, trailer and geofences/units can be applied to this report.

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