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Unit Visualization

In this section, you can configure the way units are displayed on the map. 

The following settings are available:

Replace unit icons with motion state signsEnable this option in order to replace all unit icons by conventional signs showing their motion state. See more details here
Show unit icons at map borders

This option allows displaying unit icons at the map borders if the units are outside the visible area. Click on the icon to go to the unit.

Blur icons of inactive unitsEnable this option in order to display inactive units on the map with blurred icons.
Display overlapping units in one icon

Enable this option in order to replace overlapping unit icons with a common one which has a numeric indicator. You can select the common icon in the library after activating the option. For example, if six units are situated too close to each other, their icons can be replaced with this icon: . See more details on grouping here.

Unit trace

In order to display a track line behind a moving unit, configure the following parameters:

  • Points in trace: the number of recent unit messages which are used to display the unit trace;
  • Trace colour: the colour of the line which represents the unit trace. To change the colour click on the icon, select the colour using the colour scheme, spectrum or HEX format and click OK.
  • Trace width: the width of the line in pixels.

The unit trace is visible on the map if the layer with the same name is activated.

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