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How to Configure a Hierarchy for Working with NimBus
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This guide describes how to configure a hierarchy of accounts for working with NimBus.

To work with NimBus, you should configure the hierarchy correctly because the application provides different types of interfaces for users who perform different roles. To configure the hierarchy, follow the steps described below.

  1. In CMS Manager, create a new account for the service administrator.

  2. On the Restrictions tab of the account properties, give dealer rights to the service administrator and select the billing plans that they can assign to the users below in the hierarchy.

  3. Create an account for the top dispatcher specifying the service administrator as their creator.
  4. Repeat step 2 for the account of the top dispatcher.
  5. Create accounts for other dispatchers specifying the top one as their creator.
  6. Authorize in NimBus using the administrator username and password.
  7. On the Activation page, activate depots for the top and other dispatchers. If you do not activate a depot for the top dispatcher, he or she can work only with the administrator interface.

In this way, you can create several service administrators and subordinate accounts. After authorization in the application, the administrator interface is displayed for the service administrator, and the user interface with the Activation and Administration items in the main menu is available to the top dispatcher. The user interface is displayed for the subordinate accounts that do not have dealer rights.

After configuring the hierarchy, you can get started with NimBus.

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