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A minimap shows the latest information about the unit, the unit location, notifications, live streams.

You can open the minimap only if the unit has sent messages with coordinates. To do this, use one of the following methods:

  • a double click on the unit name in the work list, after which the unit is also shown in the centre of the map;
  • a double click on the unit icon on the map.

Work modes

Minimaps have three work modes. To switch between them, use the icons in the window header.


Video monitoring.

Information about the unit.


Video monitoring mode

To watch live streams, the same prerequisits as for the Video tab should be met.

To open a minimap in the video monitoring mode, click on the icon  in the work list of the Monitoring tab. If the minimap is already open, click on the same icon in its header.

In the upper-right part of the minimap, you can select a camera, if there are several, and go to the Video tab if you want to continue watching the live stream there.

The live stream is shown  in standard quality in real time.

When watching the video, use the following icons:


Begin watching.

Stop watching.


Switch the sound on or off.

If the icon   is displayed after you start playing the live stream, its sound is unavailable.

Information mode

To switch to the Information mode, click on the button in the minimap header. In this mode, you can see the extended unit information which is selected in the user settings.

Map mode

In the Map mode, you can see the location of the unit, as well as its speed and address from the last received message. You cannot move the map because it is automatically centered on the last position of the unit. Apart from that, working in the map mode is identical to working with the main map.

In the map mode, you can activate Google Street View or Yandex Panorama using the buttons in the lower right corner. Google Street View is a Google Maps feature that allows you to see panoramic street views of many cities around the world from a height of about 2.5 meters. The service makes it possible to view houses, roads and all the surrounding objects on the street, creating the illusion of virtual presence. At the moment, the service covers North America, Australia, New Zealand, Western Europe, Japan, Indonesia, and Brazil. Yandex Panorama is a panoramic view technology featured in Yandex Maps. At the moment, Yandex Panorama allows you to view the street panoramas of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Turkey.

For Google Street View, select Google as a map source in the user settings. Make sure that the service coverage includes the geographical area you need. For Yandex Panorama, select Yandex as a map source and take into account the coverage of the service.

Online notifications in minimaps

You can view the received online notifications in the unit minimaps. To do this, the following options must be enabled:

When an online notification is triggered, the unit minimap opens automatically if it was closed. An indicator of unread notifications appears in its header next to the mode icons. Click on it to view the received notifications. 

Here you can read and delete notifications as in the Online notifications window. To return to the initial mode, click on the icon again.

Minimaps are not synchronized with the Online notifications window, therefore reading or deleting notifications in a minimap does not lead to any changes in the window of online notifications.

Working with minimaps

In the header of every minimap, there is a unit icon and name so that you can simply find the required one. The mode switches and the Close button () are also in the header. You can open one minimap per unit.

You can hide or display all minimaps at once by clicking on the button  in the left corner of the bottom panel. When you go to the Reports, Messages, and Routes tabs, the minimaps are automatically hidden to avoid excessive information. If needed, you can display them by clicking on the button in the bottom panel. When you leave these tabs, the minimaps are shown again automatically.

After logging in to the system, the last layout of minimaps is restored.

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