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Show Additional Information About Units

In this section, you can configure additional information about the unit. The items selected in the Tooltip column determine the contents of the unit tooltip, while those selected in the Work list column determine the contents of extended information about the unit in the work list.

To select or cancel the selection of all the items in a group, click on any item in the required column while holding down the Ctrl key.

You can change the order of the items to the left of which the icon  is shown. To do this, drag the icon up or down.

Additional information about the unit can include the following data:

Last message time

The time when the last message was received from the unit.


The enlarged icon of the unit. If the icon wasn't selected from the library, but loaded by the user, then it is shown in its original size, but no more than 128×128 pixels.

LocationThe last known address of the unit.
Presence in geofences

If, according to the last message, the unit was within a geofence, then this geofence is shown in the additional information in the colour selected in its properties. This item also affects the count of units in geofences.


The speed value from the last unit message.


The altitude from the last message, if the device sends such data.


The values of mileage and engine hours counters.


The number of satellites with which the device established connection, according to the last message.


The geographic coordinates of the unit from the last message (in decimal degrees). When you click on the coordinates, it is possible to go to the map of a third-party source. See more.

Sensor values

The names and values of sensors. If a calculation table is configured for a sensor, its values are converted. If filtration is configured for a fuel level sensor, its values are shown before they are filtered. 

If the numerical value of the parameter sent by the sensor exceeds 53 bits (9,007,199,254,740,991), the accuracy of displaying this parameter in the interface and reports is reduced starting from the lower bits. However, such values can be processed, for example, by bitwise control or used for sensors with bitwise control.

Connectivity settings

The device type, unique ID and phone number(s) specified in the unit properties. This information is available only to the users with the Edit connectivity settings access right to the unit.


The last known parameter values. The parameter name and value are shown in the same way as in the message, without conversion to any units of measurement.

Custom fields

The custom fields from the unit properties. Depending on access rights, you can see general and/or administrative custom fields.

ProfileThe profile properties of the unit.
Maintenance state

The information about the vehicle maintenance based on the intervals created in the unit properties.


The name, photo and phone number of the driver assigned to the unit. Several drivers may be shown.


The name and photo of the trailer that assigned to the unit. Several trailers may be shown.

Multicolour sensors in unit tooltipsFor this feature, you can select the following options in the drop-down list:
  • Disabled. The information about sensors is shown in black in the unit tooltips.
  • Apply to sensor name and value. The name and value of the sensor are shown in the unit tooltip in accordance with the colour scheme configured in the sensor properties;
  • Apply to sensor value only. The value of the sensor is shown in the unit tooltip in accordance with the colour scheme configured in the sensor properties;
The values of the mileage and engine hours counters as well as information about drivers and trailers are updated once a minute. A check for unit presence in geofences is carried out every two minutes. The rest of the information is refreshed instantly.

The unit tooltip contains information about the unit and its latest message. The tooltips of messages, charts and track points only contain information about the unit messages.

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