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On this tab, you can watch live streams from the unit cameras.

To access the Video tab, the Video monitoring service should be activated in the properties of the user account or billing plan.

To watch live streams, you should have the following access rights to the unit:

  • View item and its basic properties,
  • View detailed item properties,
  • View connectivity settings,
  • Execute commands,
  • View commands,
  • Create, edit, and delete commands.

Unit list

The work area contains a list of units with configured cameras. To the right of each unit name, the number of the configured cameras is specified. Above the list, there is a dynamic search to quickly find units by name and an option to sort the units alphabetically.

To watch live streams from the unit cameras, click on the unit name in the list.

Live streams

In the right part of the window, you can see the live streams from all the cameras configured in the properties of the selected unit. To watch only the live streams from certain cameras, click on the icon  and select the required cameras. To switch to full screen, click on the icon  in the lower-right corner of the window (to watch all live streams) or in the section of the required live stream (to watch it separately). To exit the full-screen mode, press Esc or click on the icon  in the lower-right corner of the window.

To stop live streams, click on the icon . After clicking on the icon , the live streams are played in real time.

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