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Creating Accounts
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Accounts can be created or deleted only in the interface of CMS Manager. To create a new account, click the corresponding button on the Accounts tab of the navigation panel.

The parameters that are used while creating an account are described below.

Account name

Enter a unique name from 4 to 50 characters. In the system, there cannot be accounts with the same name.

Create as

A creator for a new system object can be either an existent user or a new one.

New user. A new user will be created and assigned as creator. Enter the login name for a new user. By default, the name of the account is the same as login name but you can give the user a different name. Then type a password and confirm it. You can also specify the creator for a new user if you do not want it to be the current user. In addition, for a new user, you can set the system of measures. Usually, it is inherited from the current user but you can readjust it here. Note that if the creator of a new user cannot distribute billing plans (account is not a dealer one), then the billing plans section is disabled.

Existent user. The drop-down list will prompt you to select a user from the ones already existing in the system. Note that the user who is already the creator of system macro objects cannot become the creator of new accounts as such an operation violates current hierarchy. However, this user can create a resource. When an account is created by an existent user, its measurement system is borrowed from its creator. However, it can be changed afterwards through the conversion.

Billing plan

Billing plan usage is considered to be a distinctive feature of the account. Select a suitable billing plan for the account from the drop-down list. If there are no billing plans available, then the account cannot be created.

When all the fields are set correctly, click OK. A corresponding entry appears in the log. As a result of this operation, an account is created, and a user can also be created at the same time. In this case, the account creator automatically receives full access rights to the system elements created by it.

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