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To execute this report, you should have the following access rights to the objects:

  • Manage object log;
  • Request reports and messages.

A report with the Log table can be executed for units, unit groups, users, resources, retranslators, and routes. This table contains records about changes made by users in the properties of the object or its contents. Unlike the log of the monitoring or management system, the report doesn't show records about errors, receiving messages from a unit, etc.

You can add the following columns to the Log table:

TimeThe time of making (saving) the change.

The name of the user who made the change. In order for the report to show only changes made by a specific user, specify their name or name mask in the filter of the table settings.

Item name

The name of the object the properties or contents of which were changed.

The Item name column is only used in the reports on users.

Item type

The type of the object the properties or contents of which were changed. Possible types: unit, unit group, user, resource, retranslator, or route.

ActionThe description of the change made.

The address of the computer (device) from where the user made changes or from where the job or notification configured by them was triggered.

NotesAn empty column where you can leave your own comments after printing or exporting the report.

Below is an example of the Log table for a resource.

The Log table for the user shows both information about their actions regarding the system objects, and the actions of other users on them. Also, the report has the Item name column, which is not available in the Log tables for other objects.

In the settings of the Log table for a unit group, the Group itself option is available. If it is disabled, the log shows changes for individual units that are part of the group or groups. To execute such a report, you should activate the Detalization option.

If the Group itself option is enabled, the log shows the changes made to the unit group as a system object. Data is shown only for one unit group, even if several groups are selected in the Object parameter (only the first one in the list is taken into account).

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