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User ACL
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One user can have access rights to other users, and then edit their properties, define rights, etc. In this way, for instance, a service manager sets the rights to the clients of the service.

Standard rights

Some of the standard access rights applicable to users are described below.

View object and its basic properties

The user appears in various panels and lists. The General tab with all its contents and the Advanced tab (access to email) are available in the dialog of user properties. Username is displayed in different reports and in the Creator field.

Manage access to this object

The user appears on the Access tab in the properties dialogs of other users. Here there is a list of access rights that can be given to other users toward this one as a system object.

Edit not mentioned properties

Allows you to edit the user properties on the Advanced tab, change individual user settings as well as send messages to this user from the management system.

Request reports and messages

Enables the Logs tab in the user properties dialog, which displays user activity (entries to/exits from various system services). This checkbox also gives permission to generate user reports. It should be noted that to execute the Custom fields report, one needs to have access to the custom fields of this user. Besides, the Log report can be executed if there is also the Manage object log access right.

The standard access rights (Delete object, Rename object, View custom fields, Edit custom fields, View admin fields, Manage admin fields, Manage object log, View and download files, and Upload and delete files) work for users as described above.

Such access rights as View detailed object properties, Change icon, and Edit ACL-propagated objects do not affect users at all.

Special rights

The table below displays the list of special rights that can be applied to users.

User ACL
Manage user's access rightsIn the dialog of user properties, the Access tab becomes available where the user can be given rights to various system objects. Besides, user rights can be changed automatically through appropriate jobs and notifications.
Act on behalf of this userThe right to log in under the name of the given user, create objects on his behalf, etc.
Change user’s general propertiesAllows changing the properties on the General tab of the user properties dialog. However, to change the password, the previous box should be checked as well.

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