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This tab displays all the services available for the selected billing plan.

The services are listed in the table which consists of the following columns:

ServiceThe name of the service. See the full list of services and their description here.

The state of the service: enabled () or disabled ().

By default, the deactivation of a service in a billing plan leads to its automatic deactivation in the account to which this plan is assigned. However, if the state of the service is additionally changed in the properties of a separate account, then it is given priority.

Limit and cost

In this column, you can specify the values of the service quantity and cost. For example, if you specify number 100 for the Units service, this means that no more than 100 units can be created in the accounts to which this billing plan is assigned. You can indicate the limit and cost for the billing plan in the same way as for the account.

You can also specify the service limit and cost individually for each account on the Services tab of its properties. These values can be more than the values from the billing plan properties, but not more than the values from the Limit column.

ResetHere you can select how often the specified service limit should be reset: every hour, day, week, or calendar month. For example, if you specify 10 SMS messages per day, then the users of the accounts to which the billing plan is assigned cannot send more than 10 messages a day.
LimitThis column shows the limit on the service quantity applied to the top account.

You can sort the services by their name and status by clicking on the column heading.

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