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To work with the Services tab, you should have the following access rights to the account:

  • View detailed object properties. To see the tab.
  • Manage account. To specify the limit and cost of services.

This tab displays all the services available for the account. The list of services depends on the billing plan selected for the account and the activated modules. Here you can enable and disable services for the account as well as set their limit and cost.

The services are listed in the table which consists of the following columns:




The name of the service. See the full list of services and their description here.


The state of the service: enabled () or disabled (). Click on the icon to disable or enable the service, respectively. 

The deactivation of a service in a billing plan leads to its automatic deactivation in the account to which this plan is assigned. However, if the state of the service is additionally changed in the properties of the account, then it is given priority.

Limit and cost

In this column, you can specify the values of the service quantity (limit) and cost. For example, if you specify number 100 for the Units service, this means that no more than 100 units can be created in the account. This setting applies only to some services. See the service description to find out which of them the setting applies to.

To specify the limit, enter the required number in the field. To specify the cost, put a colon after the limit and enter the cost value. For example, if you specify 5:10 for the Units service, this means that the user of the account can create 5 units at a price of 10 c. u. each. If you specify 1:0;5:10;20:5, then no fee is charged for the first unit, the cost of the second to the fifth unit is 10 c. u., and 5 c. u. of the sixth to the twentieth. If the user shouldn't be able to create more than 20 units, add -1 at the end of the line, for example, 5:10;20:5;-1

The values of the service limit and cost can be more than these values in the billing plan properties, but not more than the values from the Limit column.


Here you can select how often the specified service limit should be reset: every hour, day, week, or calendar month. After the end of the selected period, the value in the Used column is reset to zero. 

Example. The Limit and cost field specifies 10, and the Reset field specifies per day for the SMS messages service. In this case, the user can send no more than 10 messages each day.


A gray icon in this column means that the status of this service and restrictions on it are taken from the billing plan assigned to the account. If the status or restrictions are changed, that is, redetermined for the account individually, the icon becomes active (). Click on it to set the default values, that is, the values from the billing plan.


This column shows how many objects (units, drivers, etc.) are already created in the account. For uncountable types of services, such as SDK, eco driving, and so on, nothing is shown in the column.

The value is reset after the period selected in the Reset column.

You can sort the services by their name and status by clicking on the column heading.

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