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The LBS detector is a tool which allows you to find out the last unit location using cellular base stations. To work with the tool, you should have the Request reports and messages access right to the unit.

The unit location determined in this way is approximate, because the tool only shows the location of the base station closest to the unit.

To open LBS detector, select the item of the same name (the icon )  in the tool menu on the left of the map.

To locate a unit, select it in the tool window. The drop-down list only displays the units that meet the following three conditions:

  • they are added to the Monitoring tab work list;
  • you have the required access rights to them;
  • the unit devices send the parameters cell_id (identification number of the mobile operator's base station), mcc, mnc and lac (service parameters).

After selecting the unit, the tool searches for its location automatically. The map is centred on the found location, and it is marked with a blue marker.

In the LBS detector window, you can see the time when the location data was received, as well as the address. The icon  allows you to update the information if there is new data.

Questions and answers

  What is LBS?

LBS ( location-based service ) is a service that determines the location of a unit according to the coordinates of GSM base stations.

  When can I need LBS?

GPS may be unavailable for various reasons: GPS antenna failure, dense urban development, tunnels, parking garages, and so on. In such cases, it is advisable to use LBS. Due to shorter waves, the probability of LBS catching the signal in places with obstacles (reinforced, metal, shielded surfaces) is much higher.

  How accurate is LBS compared to GPS?

The accuracy of LBS is generally lower: it depends on local radio conditions, the density of the base station network, cell configuration. However, it is easier to catch the signal using LBS. This increases the chance of receiving positional data in a message when GPS is not available.

  Where is LBS used in practice?

If technical conditions are met, the service can be configured for any monitoring unit. For the most part, LBS is used in the fields where the exact coordinates are not so important as the fact of arrival, departure, moving, or stopping.

For example, in container shipping, a device installed inside the container does not catch the satellite signal. However, the LBS messages show the fact of delivering the goods to the warehouse, unplanned stops, significant deviations from the route.

LBS is also used for monitoring stationary units, especially if the device does not have a source of direct current. This saves the battery life of the device, while a disabled GPS module would significantly increase it.

  From what devices can Wialon receive LBS data?

You can find a list of supported devices in the Hardware section of our site.

  How does Wialon determine the location by LBS after receiving a message from a unit?

When the monitoring unit does not send positional data via satellites, Wialon reads the identification number of the base station and searches for the coordinates in the database.

  What database of coordinates is used in Wialon and how is it updated?

Wialon uses its own database. It is updated as new messages with LBS and GPS coordinates are received from the units. Before adding new points to the database, they are additionally checked. At the moment, the database includes more than 62 million points.

  What data should the device send to determine its location by LBS?

The messages should contain 4 parameters: cell_id (identification number of the base station of the mobile operator), mcc, mnc, and lac (service parameters). To verify the fact of their correct transmission and reception,  request  data messages on the Messages tab.

  My tracker does not send LBS data. Why?

There could be the following reasons for it.

  • Your device is not able to send LBS data.
  • Your device has incorrect settings. To get LBS data, a device needs to transmit at least 4 parameters: mcc, mnc, lac, cell ID. Please check your device settings and make sure your device can transmit those parameters.
  • You haven’t activated message validity filtration. On the Advanced tab of the unit properties, tick the checkbox Message validity filtration, then activate the Allow positioning by cellular base stations function.
  How can I check the last unit location determined by LBS?

To see the last unit location determined by LBS, use the LBS detector .

  How can I configure a unit so that its LBS data is used in Wialon and what will it affect?

In order for the LBS data of the unit to be saved in Wialon, open the Advanced tab of the unit properties, enable message validity filtration  and activate the Allow positioning by cellular base stations option. After that, the LBS coordinates will be used in reports and when displaying the unit on the map. For notifications, activate the Process LBS messages option in their settings.

The LBS coordinates of the unit are saved only if they are determined later than the GPS coordinates in the message.

  How do I know that the unit location is determined by LBS?

If the location of the unit is determined by LBS, you can tell this by how it is displayed on the map and by the icon   which is shown opposite the unit name in the work area of the Monitoring  tab.

  My device does not support LBS according to the Gurtam website. What should I do?

Send a request to hw@wialon.com indicating the type of device for considering the issue.

  The device is configured to send LBS data, but there are no parameters in the message. What should I do?

If extended expertise is specified for your type of device, send an email to hw@wialon.com  with all the details. You can also ask for help in configuring other devices.

  The location of the unit is determined by LBS in most cases, but sometimes the messages are received without coordinates. What should I do?

Send a request to support@wialon.com indicating the values of the parameters​​ mcc, mnc, lac, cell_ID.

  The messages from the device contain LBS parameters, but there is no way to use them in the monitoring system (in sensors, messages, reports, notifications, and so on). What should I do?

Make sure that positioning by LBS is configured for the unit on the Advanced tab of its properties. In the case of notifications, also check if the Process LBS messages option is activated in their settings. If the problem is still unresolved, write to support@wialon.com specifying all the details.

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