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Satellite monitoring system Wialon allows users to monitor and control their units: vehicles, employees, stationary objects, pets, etc.

To read the full version of the Wialon User Guide, click here.


  • Enter the user name and password (1).
  • Select the interface language (2).
  • Click Log in (3).

Connecting hardware

To configure the tracker, follow the steps:

  • make sure that the tracker is connected to power and has a SIM card inserted with a data service connected;
  • specify an IP address and port;
  • specify APN (relevant only for GSM networks); to find it out, contact your GSM service provider;
  • specify the frequency of sending data.

To find out the IP address and port of the device, create a unit in your Wialon account. After specifying the type of the device, the information in the IP address:port format will appear in the Server address field.

APN is relevant only for GSM networks. In CDMA networks (currently CDMA is actively used only in America), it is not used. For some trackers (for example, Concox), automatic APN configuration is available (as long as the GSM operator supports its automatic issue).

Possible problems and solutions

  The device is connected, but it still does not send coordinates.

On the Monitoring tab, the icon of the connection state is green which means the unit is online, but there are no coordinates.

  • Make sure that you have set the frequency of sending data.
  • Check that the device 'sees' the satellites. For instance, if the device is in the office, put the GPS antenna of the tracker outside the window. If the antenna is built into the device, put it on the sill of an open window.
  • Take a test drive with the device. Some trackers do not send coordinates if the unit is not moving.
  The device is 'silent'.

All the required adjustments have been made, but the device has no connection.

  • Make sure that the balance of the SIM card is positive and the PIN code is disabled.
  • Check the correctness of the entered data on the side of the device (APN, IP address, port), make sure there are no extra spaces, dots, etc.
  • Check the correctness of the ID in the unit properties in Wialon.
  • Make sure that the device ‘sees’ the satellites (described above). Some devices do not send the data without synchronizing the date and time with the satellites.
  • Make sure that you have indicated sufficient frequency of sending data to the platform.
  • If nothing helps, please send an email to hw@gurtam.com with a detailed description of the problem and the indication of the device ID.

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