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This tab contains summary information about the units from the work list. Here you can assess the connection and motion state of the units and see the geofences where the units are located. The information is updated as new messages are received from the units.

If the work list contains 100 or more units, the Status tab is available by default. If you have fewer units, you can enable the Dashboard service in CMS Manager in billing plan or account properties.

To open the Status tab, select the same name item in the navigation bar.

The information on the tab is displayed in 9 blocks. The number in the status blocks indicates the number of units. To open the list of units, tap the block. From here you can go to the unit extended information.

OnlineThe units that are connected to the server using TCP or UDP protocol or the units that have sent messages within the interval indicated in the web version of Wialon on the Monitoring tab settings (Connection state).
OfflineThe units that are not connected to the server.
StationaryThe units that are not moving at the moment.
Stationary with ignition onThe stationary units with the ignition switched on (if there is an engine ignition sensor configured).
MovingThe units that are moving at the moment.
LBS detected dataThe units that have sent data using LBS detection.
No actual stateThe units that have not sent data within the time specified in the web version of Wialon in the Monitoring tab settings (Data accuracy).
No messagesThe units that have not sent any message yet.
GeofencesThis block contains up to three geofences with the biggest number of units inside. To open the full list of geofences, tap Show all.

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