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The work list displays the units that are being monitored. Two view modes are available: Units and Groups. In the Groups mode, you can see the group names and the number of units included in it. Tap the line with the name of the group to see the list of units.

The Request reports and messages access right is required.

Units are created in the web version of Wialon and in CMS Manager.

When you log in to the application, units are automatically added to the work list if it was previously empty. If you have more than 100 units, you should add the units you need yourself using the icon   near the search field.

If the unit is deactivated, it is not displayed in the work list.

Unit section

The following information can be displayed for each unit:

  • unit name;
  • driver name if the driver is assigned to the unit;
  • speed if the unit is moving or the parking sign () near the unit icon;
  • ignition state if there is a sensor (/);
  • last state information (: start time, : duration, : current mileage for trips);
  • address or name of the geofence where the unit is located (if the Geofences as addresses option is enabled);
  • the time of the last message.

If Google or Yandex is selected as a geodata source in the user settings in Wialon, then this source is used for geocoding . In all other cases, geocoding is carried out by Gurtam Maps.

The time of the last message is coloured differently depending on when the message was received:

  •  : last message was received within 5 minutes;
  •  : last message was received within an hour;
  •  : last message was received within 24 hours;
  •  : last message was received more than a day ago.

Unit menu

A tap on the icon  or a long tap on the unit opens an additional menu with the following options:

Send commandSending the commands created in the web version of Wialon.
Share locationSending the locator link which allows you to monitor a unit on the map during the selected validity period. The available intervals: 1 hour, 3 hours, day, week, or a custom interval.
Navigation appsPlanning a route using other navigation applications installed on a mobile device.
Copy coordinatesCopying the coordinates of the unit to the clipboard.
Execute reportGoing to the Reports tab with the unit or group field already filled in.
EditChanging the name and icon of the unit.

In the Groups mode, this menu contains only the Send commandShare location, and Execute report options. Tap the icon  to open the menu.

Changing the unit name

To change the name, you should have the Rename object access right to the unit.  

The name shouldn't contain “(double quotes), {} (curly braces), \ (backslash). Permissible length: 4–50 characters. 

Changing the unit icon

To change the unit icon, you should have the Change icon and Edit not mentioned properties right to the unit.

You can select one of the standard icons. For some of them, different colours are available. They are shown after clicking on the icon. The icons pointing upwards (for example,  or ) are automatically rotated according to the unit direction.

Sending commands

You can send the command only to those units that have it configured in the unit properties. To see the list of the units that do not support the command, tap the icon .

To work with commands, the View commands and Execute commands access rights are required.

Adding items to the work list

To edit the work list, follow the steps below.

  1. Select the Units or Groups tab.
  2. Tap the icon  located to the right of the search.
  3. Select the required units or unit groups. When selecting, you can use the search or the Select all button to the right of it. In addition, you can use the Select all button to select all the items filtered by the search.
  4. Save or cancel the changes.

The Units from web version option, which becomes available when selecting items, allows you to synchronize the work list of the application with the one on the Monitoring tab in the web version of Wialon. If the option is enabled, you cannot edit the list manually.

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