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Configuring Hecterra in Wialon Local

To work with Hecterra in Wialon Local, it is required to meet the conditions below.

Separate DNS

Create a separate DNS and forward it to an external IP server. In the administration system, specify this DNS with the type Hecterra in the site settings. The Hecterra configuration in the CMS is similar to the configuration of other applications. In the URL field, specify the created DNS.

Required services

In the billing plan and user account, enable the services Hecterra and Site access for the website indicated in the Base URL field of the general settings of the Hecterra website in the administration system.

Access to https://app-local.wialon.com

Also, access to https://app-local.wialon.com (port 443) should be provided on the side of Wialon Local.

Hecterra is a cloud solution, therefore, it should be allowed access to your Wialon Local. Besides, Wialon API should be available.

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