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A ride is the movement of the vehicle from the place of departure to the destination along a specific route and in accordance with the assigned schedule for the specific date. Therefore,

Ride = route + schedule + unit + date.

To work with rides, select the same name section in the navigation bar.

Here you can plan the upcoming rides. The main component of planning is the assignment of units to rides. It should be done so that you can monitor the movement of vehicles along the routes.

To avoid manual assignment of units to all rides, you can specify them in the schedules of the route.

By default, when you open the page of rides, you see the rides remaining for the current day: those that are active right now as well as the upcoming ones. Fulfilled rides are not displayed; information on them can be obtained in the reportsIn addition, the page can display finished (but not fulfilled) rides. Finished rides are displayed in the following cases:

Finishing the ride prematurely

The ride finished prematurely, but there were no-shows during its execution. In this case, the ride is displayed until it is finished according to the schedule and then for another:

  • 10 minutes if there were no-shows at intermediate stops;
  • 60 minutes if there was a no-show at the last stop.
Finishing the ride with a delayThe ride finished according to the schedule, but the unit has not yet visited the last stop of the route. In this case, the ride will no longer be displayed on the page and will be considered fulfilled as soon as the unit visits the last stop of the route. If the unit does not visit the last stop within 60 minutes, the ride is considered fulfilled with a no-show at the last stop and is no longer displayed.

If there are no-shows for the previous day, when you enter the page, you see them but not the rides of the current day.

You can choose other dates in the future to view the planned rides. To do this, use the calendar in the header of the work area. You can view the scheduled rides for any date in the future, but you can manipulate only those that are scheduled for the next 7 days.

Rides for the selected date are created by the system automatically based on activated routes, their schedules and operation patterns. Each ride is presented in the form of a card with basic information about it.

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