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Actions with Rides
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You can perform the following actions with rides:

  • assign, replace, unassign a unit;
  • reject or restore a ride.

To assign a unit to a ride, click on the card of the ride, select the unit from the list and click Save. If some units are associated with the route to which this ride belongs, they are displayed in the list for selection. The active (blue) icon in the form of a chain () signifies that the list is limited to assigned units. If you want to switch from such a list to the full list of available units, click on this icon. As a result, it becomes inactive (gray).

The unit is replaced in the same way. However, you should be careful with changing the unit on the ride, which is already being performed by another unit and has events about visiting stops. In this case, the system starts to monitor the new unit, but the previously visited stops are assigned to the former one, which is reflected in the reports as Part (in the cell with the result of the ride). The change of the unit on the active ride is usually made in the event of a breakdown of the vehicle moving along the route.

In order to unassign a unit from the ride, open the card of the ride, click on the cross in the field of unit selection and click Save.

When assigning or replacing units in the Blocks mode there are some peculiarities:

  • The tooltip to the card of a block () contains detailed information about the rides which belong to the block and the units assigned to them.
  • The unit assigned to a block is assigned to all of its rides including those that have been canceled.
  • The cards of the blocks which have rides without a unit are marked with a red asterisk.
  • If several units are assigned to the rides of a block, their number is displayed at the bottom of the card. In this case, the As is option is available in the unit selection drop-down list (all assigned units are left as they are).

If necessary, the scheduled ride can be canceled. To do this, click on the Reject ride icon () which appears in the upper right corner of the card of the ride when you point to it. The canceled ride has a grey background and a pale font. If the ride has been canceled by mistake, it can be restored by clicking on the icon  which appears instead of the Reject ride icon.

Cancellation is not available for active rides.

The cancellation of the ride is only valid for the specified date. To cancel the ride on a permanent basis, you should delete its schedule in the route properties.

The canceled ride is not kept in history. This is how it differs from the ride that has never been assigned a unit: such a ride is kept in history and is shown in the route reports as not fulfilled.

When the time of the scheduled finish of the ride (that is, the time of entering the last stop on the schedule) comes, any manipulations with the ride become unavailable.

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