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Click on the line with a route to open its properties.

The route properties are displayed on three tabs: StopsSchedulesUnits.

Besides, the header below the navigation bar shows the general properties of the route.

TypeThe type of route is defined by the type of transport. Unlike stops, a route can be assigned only one type. To change the route type, click on the route and select the required option from the drop-down list.
NumberThe number is an obligatory parameter of the route. It should contain from 1 to 8 characters (digits and letters). An unlimited quantity of routes with the same number can exist in the system. Click on the route number at any time to edit it.
NameThe name of the route is not editable. It is generated automatically based on the names of the initial and final stops of the route.
DescriptionThe description can be set, for example, to distinguish a temporary route from a permanent one; a route in the forward direction from a route in the opposite direction, etc. The description can be added or changed at any time.

On the right side of the route window header, there is a switch to turn the route on or off and the Delete button. On the left, there is a button to return to the list of routes (left arrow).

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