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To send messages from the monitoring system, the following requirements should be met:

  • the SMS messages service should be enabled in the properties of the billing plan or account;
  • the Can send SMS option should be enabled in the user properties;
  • to send SMS to a unit, the user should also have the Edit connectivity settings access right and the phone number should be specified in the unit properties;
  • to send SMS to a driver, the phone number should also be specified in the driver properties.
The SMS tool allows you to send SMS messages to drivers, units, or to any phone numbers. To open it, click on the icon   in the tool menu on the left of the map.

In addition to using this tool, you can send SMS messages in the following places of the monitoring system:

You can also use SMS to send commands to the device installed in the unit. To do this, you should select SMS in the Channel field of the command properties.

Sending messages from the monitoring system

To send a message using the SMS tool, follow these steps:

  1. In the drop-down list, select the recipient type: Drivers or Units.
  2. In the list below, select the recipient. The recipient’s phone number is shown in brackets next to the name. Units with two phone numbers are shown in the list twice. To quickly search for the recipient, use the dynamic filter.
  3. If you want to send the message to a number which is not in the list, specify it in the international format in the Phone number field to the right. By default, it shows the phone number of the recipient selected in step 2.
  4. Enter the text of the message. Below the text, you can see the number of characters and the number of SMS into which the entered text will be divided. If you enter the text in Latin letters rather than Cyrillic, one SMS can contain more characters. 
  5. Click Send. After sending the message, the corresponding record is shown in the log.

Sending messages by the driver

The driver can also send SMS messages to the operator to the monitoring system using their mobile phone. To do this, the driver's phone number should be specified in the driver properties in the monitoring system. The operator's phone number depends on the modem used in the service for sending SMS. The easiest way to find out this number is to send a message to the driver from the monitoring system.

Messages sent by the driver are shown in the log and in the Chat with drivers window in the same way as commands sent from the device. In this window, you can reply to the driver's messages by clicking on the icon .

The driver's and operator's SMS messages are also shown in the SMS messages table of the advanced report on drivers.

You can also exchange messages with the driver using the Chatterbox application.

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