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Actions with Units
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Using the icons opposite the unit name in the list, you can perform the following actions:


Send an SMS message to the unit or to the driver assigned to it. This action is available if a phone number is specified in the unit or driver's propertiesSee the SMS tool page for more information about sending SMS messages.

You can also send messages using the Send custom message and Send message to driver commands.

Open the unit properties.

Create a new unit with the same properties. A click on the icon opens the window for creating a new unit where you can make changes and save them.

Delete the unit. 

The deleted units can only be restored by the creator of the top account no later than 30 days after the unit is deleted.

If an icon is inactive or not displayed, it means that you do not have sufficient access rights.

Using the icon , you can sort the units in the list in alphabetical or reverse alphabetical order.

Additional actions with units, such as deactivating and transferring them from one account to another, viewing their log, and so on, are available in the management system.

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