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The Logistics Mobile application allows organizing the driver's or courier's work to fulfil the routes created in the Logistics application. You can install the mobile application on a smartphone or tablet.

Download Logistics Mobile for Android: 

Download Logistics Mobile for iOS: 

Logistics Mobile functions:

  • controlling the fulfilment of the route and tracking it on the map;
  • accessing the order information including attachments and comments;
  • changing the order status with a possibility to send comments and photos;
  • receiving notifications about the creation of routes, changes in orders, and so on;
  • sending data about the location of the courier;
  • contacting clients via calls;
  • contacting the operator via the chat.

For the application to work correctly, you need:

  • Android 4.4 W or a later version of the operating system if you use an Android device;
  •  iOS 12.0 or a later version of the operating system if you use an iOS device;
  • permissions to determine your location and send notifications.

To log in to the mobile application, you should specify the driver's phone number and mobile key. See more information on the Getting started page.

The application language depends on the language selected in the system settings of the device.

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