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Operation Patterns
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Operation patterns are directly connected with schedules and determine the days when the latter should be active. For instance, one schedule should work only on Wednesdays, another only in summer, etc. Different schedules can operate on weekdays and weekends, on different days, months and even specific days. If no operation pattern is specified for a schedule, the rides are created daily.

Creating operation patterns

To create a new operation pattern, follow the steps below.

  • Select the Operation patterns item in the user menu.
  • Click on the button  in the upper-right corner of the page.
  • Specify the name in the input field in the upper-left corner (1). The name of the pattern within one depot should be unique.
  • In the weekdays selection line, indicate the days when the schedules with the created pattern should not be active (2).
  • Select the season when the pattern should work (for example, only the summer months) (3).
  • If needed, manually specify the days on which the rides should not be created (for example, exclude holidays). The changes made to the calendar affect only the displayed dates.
  • Save the operation pattern (4).

The settings of weekdays and season selection apply to the whole period of the pattern operation, that is, they are applicable not only for the current year but also for all the following ones.

Operation pattern may contain:

  • selection of weekdays with an adjustment for specific calendar dates (e.g. the schedule is valid on Saturdays and Sundays, as well as on the days of March 8, May 9, etc.);
  • limiting the schedule with large time intervals for the summer/winter schedule (e.g. the schedule is valid on weekdays from April 15 to October 15).

Using this system, you can create various operation patterns, for instance:

  • Option 1: weekdays and weekends in summer and weekends in winter.
  • Option 2: weekends, holidays and pre-holidays, excluding working Saturdays
  • Option 3: daily from April 1 to November 1, on Saturdays for the rest of the period.

You can select the operation pattern for any schedule. When making changes, they are automatically picked up by all schedules for which the pattern is selected.

When you remove an operation pattern, all the schedules that work on its basis are also deleted.

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