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This section contains widgets with functions available to the user. The set of available widgets is configured in the Configurator web application.




Send SOS

The function allows sending an alarm message to the Wialon server when you tap the widget. In the widget settings, you can specify a phone number which should be called when you send the alarm message.


The function allows changing the status and sending it to the Wialon server. To do this, tap the widget and select the required status. The set of available statuses is created in the Configurator web application.

In the widget settings, you can activate the Attach the status to each sent message option.


The function allows sending a text message to the Wialon server. In addition, you can send photos, QR codes, alarm messages, and coordinates if the widgets corresponding to these actions are activated for the device.

To send a text message, tap the widget, enter the message text and tap the icon . To send a different type of message, tap the icon  and select the required action:

  •  : send a photo from the camera;

  •  : send an image from the gallery;

  •  : send a QR code;

  •  : send an alarm message;

  •  : send coordinates. 

The message history is shown in the chat window. After a long tap on a message, a menu opens which allows you to delete or copy the message. To delete or copy several messages at once, select them and tap the required option in the menu.

If there are unread messages, their number is displayed in the chat widget.

Send image

The function allows sending an image to the Wialon server. To do this, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the file manager by tapping the widget (if the small size is selected in the settings) or the Select from gallery button (if the size is large) and choose the required image. If the large widget size is selected, you can choose the image right in the widget. In this case, swipe left to see all the images.
  2. If necessary, add a caption.
  3. Tap Send or the icon .

In the widget settings, you can activate the Compress images option which allows reducing traffic consumption.

Scan QR code

The widget is designed for scanning QR codes or barcodes and sending them to the monitoring system. Tap the widget and scan a code to send it to the server. 

Send photo

The function allows sending a photo to the Wialon server. To do this, tap the widget, make a photo and tap the icon . In the widget settings, you can activate the Compress images option which allows reducing traffic consumption.

Regardless of whether this widget is available, you can send photos when receiving a request from Wialon. To do this, click Take a photo in the pop-up window, take a picture, and confirm its sending. Photos are compressed when sent on request.

BLE beacon

The widget displays the connection state of the BLE beacon paired with the unit. If the indicator is green, the beacon is connected and is within the coverage area; if red, the beacon is outside the coverage area. If there is no paired beacon, the indicator is grey. 

You can pair the BLE beacon with the unit in the Configurator web application. The supported formats are Altbeacon, Eddystone-TLM, Eddystone-UID, Eddystone-URL, iBeacon.

If you use a device with Android version 12 or higher, the application needs the Nearby devices permission to work with the BLE beacon. The icon  in the widget indicates that this permission is not given or that Bluetooth is not enabled.


The function is available for devices equipped with an NFC module and allows reading the NFC tags and sending them to the Wialon server. In the widget settings, you can activate the Send automatically option so that the tags are sent to the server immediately after they are read.

Send position

The function allows sending the coordinates of the unit to the Wialon server when you tap the widget. To determine the unit location, the application uses Google algorithms which allow identifying the coordinates by means of GPS, Wi-Fi and cell stations.

When you send data to the monitoring system, the location of the unit (if it was possible to determine it) and the time of the message are also sent.

If there are not enough permissions to perform an action, the widget may show one of the following icons:

  • : the required permission is lacking, the action can't be performed;
  • : an additional permission is lacking, the action can be performed except for the additional functions.

To grant permissions, tap the icon and go to the settings to select the necessary options.

If necessary, you can hide widgets, change their size and order in the settings.

The features described above are also available as icons in the Map mode.

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