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The Fleetrun application is designed to manage the process of vehicle maintenance and control the validity period of drivers' documents and permits. The application can be used by managers and administrators of fleets, drivers and vehicle owners, and others to record the costs and minimize them due to well-timed service of the fleet.

The main functions of the application are:

  • creation of service intervals;
  • control of the vehicle operation costs;
  • control of the validity of drivers' documents and permits;
  • creation of notifications for the events related to the vehicle servicing and updating of drivers' documents and permits;
  • generation of reports on the services carried out for the units of the fleet.

To enter the application, specify the user name and password on the login page and press Authorize.

Depending on whether the user has dealer rights and whether a fleet has been created for them, either the administrator or the user interface is available to them.

Basic definitions

Below is the list of the basic concepts used in Fleetrun.

Fleet A repository which stores the information about the service objects, intervals, and services.
Interval A type of service which is carried out on a regular basis.
Service Work related to vehicle maintenance or validity control of the driver’s permits and documents.
Service object

A unit, trailer, or driver for which a service is carried out.

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