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Activating Fleets
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The Activation page contains the list of accounts for which you can activate/suspend the fleet. The +/- buttons allow expanding or collapse the hierarchy of accounts.

To activate the fleet for the account, use the switch next to its name. The status of the fleet (activated/suspended) is indicated to the left of the switch. If the fleet has not been created for the account yet, No fleet is displayed. For the convenience of finding the required account, there is a dynamic filter in the upper right corner of the page.

You can activate a fleet only for the subordinate account.

To activate a fleet, the user must have access not only to the account for which it is activated, but also to its creator. Otherwise, the fleet activation is not available (the switch is not active).

To go to the administration of the fleet, click on the line with its name or on the Administration heading in the navigation bar and select the required fleet.

Administration is available only for activated fleets.

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