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  • intervals

Interval is a type of work related to vehicle maintenance or validity control of the driver's permits and documents.

Here you can create and edit service intervals, as well as assign units, trailers, or drivers to them. If a unit, trailer, or driver is assigned to the interval, services are created automatically.

The table on this page contains the columns described below.

IntervalThe name of the service interval.
FrequencyThe frequency of execution specified in the properties of the interval.
Advance noticeAutomatic creation of services based on the interval (how many kilometers, engine hours or days before the expiration of the period a service should be created).
Assigned service objectsThe number of service objects assigned to the interval.

When you pause on the row in the table, the icon  appears at the end of it. Click on it to delete the interval from the system.

To quickly find the required interval, use the dynamic filter above the table.

The item lists can be filtered using the buttons Units, Drivers, or Trailers at the top of the page. The list of unit intervals can be filtered by type. Using the Select unit type filter located to the right of the Units button, select the required types (the maximum number is 5).

To export the table to a CSV file, click on the button  located to the right of the dynamic filter.

To edit the service interval, click on its line in the table.

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