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Importing Line Items
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To import line items, follow the steps below.

  1. Click on the button  at the top of the page.
  2. Select a CSV or XLSX file from which you want to import the data. The file should have at least two columns.
  3. For a CSV file, specify the field delimiter used in it. Click OK to load the file.
  4. In the table with the import results, indicate the names of the columns. To do this, select the name of the column in the drop-down list above it. The required columns are marked with an asterisk (*). To cancel the selection, click on the icon .

  5. Select the Exclude the first line option if you want to import the file contents without the first line.
  6. Edit the data in the table, if needed. The cells with invalid data are highlighted in red. The line items with such cells cannot be imported. To edit the data, click on the cell and type a new text into it. To save the text, click outside the cell.

    When editing the data, consider the following:
    • The cells of the required columns should be filled in.
    • The name of the line item should not exceed 128 characters.
    • You can select Labour or Part as a type of line item.
    • The cost can be indicated in integer and fractional numbers separated by a point. The maximum allowed length is 10 characters. If you leave the cell empty, the value 0 is assigned to the cost after import.
  7. Click Save. In the window that opens next, you can see the results of the import. Click OK to return to the line items library (if all the line items have been imported) or to the import results (if not all the line items have been imported). You can leave the page with the import results by clicking on the icon .

You can import line items only of the Part and Labour types.

You cannot import a line item if the line items library already contains one with the same name and type.

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