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Getting Started

Working with Hecterra is based on the following steps:

  1. Create or import fields.
  2. Create a catalogue of crops.
  3. Specify crop rotation for fields.
  4. Create a catalogue of operations.
  5. Specify the working width and operations for the implements.
  6. Find and register cultivations. If needed, combine them into a compound cultivation.
  7. Run reports on the approved cultivations.

The details of the work at each step are described further in this guide.

The application retrieves units, drivers, and implements from the Wialon account. For this reason, it is recommended to prepare a resource in Wialon with the required units, drivers, trailers beforehand. Next, you should select this resource in the application settings.

In order for the application to work correctly, the geofences, drivers, and trailers should belong to the same resource selected in the Hecterra settings. If necessary, multiple users can work with the same resource.

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