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Hecterra is an application for the agricultural industry. It allows controlling the progress of field work, such as sowing, fertilization, harvesting, etc.

Hecterra supports the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome;
  • Mozilla Firefox;
  • Opera.

Browsers should be updated to the current version. Otherwise, the application may not work or work incorrectly.

Preparation for work

Part of the information gets to Hecterra from Wialon. Therefore, we advise you to do some preliminary work before using the application:

  • create a separate resource in Wialon for each household;
  • create there geofences of the polygon type in the required places (= fields);
  • create drivers;
  • create trailers (= implements) that perform work in the fields;
  • give access to the resource for those users who should work with it;
  • provide users with access to the units that work in the fields.


Hecterra user works with a resource. The resource provides fields (geofences), drivers, trailers after synchronization. In addition, such application data as crops, operations, specific properties of implements, the history of cultivations, crop rotation data are linked to the resource.

You can only work with one resource at a time. When you first log into Hecterra, the system tries to automatically identify the available one. If there are several, the user can select a resource manually. Afterwards, resource switching is available in the settings.

A user cannot work without a resource.

Geofences (fields in Hecterra)

Fields (geofences of the polygon type in Wialon) are the central elements in Hecterra.

The preferred way to add fields in the application is to import them from KML, KMZ or SHP files or retrieve them through synchronization with Wialon.

Import and synchronization are available only for the geofences of the polygon type.


The system uses the units that are available to the user in Wialon. You can check which of them were retrieved from Wialon in the drop-down list of units on the Registrar page where you search and register cultivations. To search for new cultivations of the unit, you should have the Query messages or reports access right towards it. To view the previously approved cultivations, the View item and its basic properties access right is required.


The names of the drivers in Hecterra appear when searching and registering cultivations, as well as in reports. However, there is no separate page for drivers; all operations with them are performed in Wialon.

The synchronization of the list of drivers happens once the user enters the application. The following is required to identify the driver who performed the cultivation in the indicated period of time:

  • drivers created in Wialon (obligatory);
  • driver assignments (manual or automatic) at the time of cultivations (recommended, but can be specified manually for each cultivation).

Trailers (implements in Hecterra)

Trailers, they are also implements, are created and edited in Wialon. It is desirable to specify the operation and working width in Hecterra beforehand, otherwise, you will have to enter them manually each time you register a cultivation.

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