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Reports on Routes and Orders
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Besides the columns listed in the Reports on routes page, additional columns with information about orders are available in reports of this type.

ClientThe name of the client.
CommentThe comment added to the order.
Comment (confirmation)The comment added when specifying the status.
TagsThe keywords added to the order.
StatusThe status of the order (confirmed, rejected, or the status is not specified).
AddressThe address of the delivery point.
Custom fieldsThe custom fields created on the same-name tab of the settings. In reports, the names of such columns are marked with a number sign (#).

The files attached by the courier when specifying the status in the mobile version or by the operator when creating or deleting the order in the web version. Click on the icon  to view the list of files. Click on the name of the file to open it, or click on the icon   to the left of the name to download the file.

If any time parameter of an order (for example, actual or estimated arrival time) crosses the interval limits specified in the Delivery day field, this order is displayed in the report, thereby extending its interval.

If you delete a custom field in the settings, it is deleted from the reports as well.

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