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Depot Settings
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Here you can specify the time zone to which the depot belongs, the daylight saving time period, if applicable, and the ride activation time in the According to schedule field.

Here you can also enable or disable the Online 2.0 mode.

Online 2.0

Online 2.0 is the operation mode of NimBus with a new tracking module which is responsible for:

  • receiving and processing messages from units;
  • sending messages about rides to the locator.

In addition to the standard features of NimBus, the new functions in Online 2.0 allow you:

The algorithm of the Online 2.0 tracking module also allows executing the rides of routes with intersections correctly.

To enable the Online 2.0 mode for a depot, follow the steps described below.

  1. On the Administration page, select the required depot (if there are several available).
  2. On the Depot settings tab, activate the switch of the Online 2.0 mode.
  3. In the According to schedule field, select the number of minutes (5 or 10) the rides should be activated before they begin on schedule regardless of whether they have assigned units or not.
  4. In the When visiting a stop field, indicate the number of minutes the system should start taking into account messages from the units associated with the route before any of them visits the first stop on schedule.
  5. Click Save.

You cannot change the mode more than once every 30 seconds.

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