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Here you can create API tokens and manage them, which allows you to develop your own unique solutions for the market of passenger and public transport on the basis of NimBus, to import and export large amounts of data and much more.

To open the page, click the user name in the navigation bar and select the API tokens item. Enter your password and click Authorize.

The page is presented in form of a table with the following columns.

DescriptionThe name of the token given by the user when creating it.
Last usedThe date and time of the previous usage. The API token is valid for 10 days since the date it was last used. After this period, it becomes invalid.
RequestsThe number of requests by a token.
Access rightsThe access rights that the token possesses.

At the end of each line, there are the Copy and Delete buttons.

The sequence of actions when working with the API is described below.

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  1. Create a token in NimBus. To do this, click on the button  in the upper-right corner of the page. Enter a description and indicate access rights. Click Save.
  2. Copy the required token to the clipboard using the button  at the end of the line with its name.
  3. Go to the NimBus API documentation web site and open the authorization dialog by clicking on the icon  or the Authorize button. Paste the copied token from the clipboard into the Value field and click Authorize. Close the dialog.
  4. After specifying the token, you can run queries. To do this, open any query and consecutively click Try it out and Execute.
  5. Besides describing queries and their parameters, the documentation allows you to change the query parameters as well as view the response of the server.
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