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On the Notifications tab, you can perform the following operations:

  • view and delete the received notifications;
  • createedit, and delete notification templates;
  • enable and disable notification sending for templates.

The required access rights:

  • View notifications;
  • Create, edit, and delete notifications;
  • Use unit in jobs, notifications, routes, retranslators.

The required services:

  • Mobile notifications;
  • App for iOS and Android.

Make sure that the Notifications option is activated in the settings of the application.

A blue dot in the navigation bar indicates that you have unread messages.

To receive notifications created in the web version of the monitoring system, select the Send mobile notification action.

Working with the received notifications

On the main screen of the tab, you can see the list of all the received notifications (no more than 200). To display only the notifications with a specific name, select it in the line above the list.

Tap the line with a notification to read the full text and see the location of the unit at the time of its activation. A long tap on the notification text copies it to the clipboard. In the same way, you can copy the notification from the list on the Notifications tab.

Deleting notifications

To delete the received notifications, follow the steps below.

  1. Tap the icon .
  2. Select the necessary notifications. To mark all the notifications, select the check box above the list.
  3. Tap the icon  again to confirm the deletion, or the cross-shaped icon to cancel the action.

You can also delete individual notifications directly from the list by swiping the line with the notification to the right or left.

Creating notification templates in the application

You can create some types of notification templates in the application. To do this, open the Properties page () and follow the steps described below.

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  • Tap the icon  in the upper-right corner (1).
  • Select (2) units or unit groups for which you want to create a notification template.
  • Specify the trigger condition, that is, the type of notification (3). You can create four types of notification templates in the application: Alarm (SOS)GeofenceSpeedParameter in a message.
  • If applicable, configure trigger conditions (4).
  • Specify the name of the notification template (5).
  • Tap Save (6).

Working with the list of notification templates

The lists of notification templates created in the application and Wialon web version are synchronized. To view the list of available notification templates and work with it, go the Properties page ().

The list of templates is formed as follows:

  • if you are signed in to the application as a user who is the account creator, the list shows templates from the resource of this account and that of the parent account (if you have access);
  • if you are signed in to the application as a user who is not the account creator, the list shows notification templates from the resource of the parent account (if you have access).

To enable the notification sending, activate the switch next to the name of the template.

To edit or delete a notification template, tap the pencil icon below its name. Make the necessary changes.

Editing is available only for those types of notification templates that can be created in the application.

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